What is Gold Motion Control?

We own and operate multiple robotic camera control systems that can be intergraded into your production to help you achieve your special effect. We work with your Director, DP, and FX team to produce amazing results. 


We have a line of fully robotic camera control systems for anything from DSLRS to Outfitted Alexas and REDs with complete XY axis control, lens control and even an exclusive turntable control capability. 

We Create.

Imagine shots so perfectly executed that they transcend the abilities of man; flawlessly smooth motion that can only be achieved with high level technology. This can be accomplished using one of our astonishing methods of motion control. 

Gold Camera Systems gives your vision a unique edge in the story-telling process.




Create motion effects using repeatable motions, precise positioning and velocity control.


Create fluid, repeatable real time camera motions while filming products or miniatures.


Create stunning dynamic sequences with the most advanced portable timelapse system available.


Gold MOCO is for big cameras and unique needs. The modular nature of our system makes it amazingly versatile. Its bigger, stronger and faster than competing systems, making it appropriate for digital cinema cameras.

  • Robust modular design for the most versatility
  • Top dolly speed = 96″/second (fast dolly option)
  • Recommended max camera weight = 25 lbs
    • Red Epic
    • Alexa
    • Amira
    • Phantom
  • Base kit, packed in 2 custom foamed hard cases weighs 95 pounds.
  • Control wireless/wired app
  • Repeatable real-time moves
  • Advanced timelapse features
  • Move Manager for multi-move coordination and managment
  • Expansion ports for additional axes and lens controls
  • Camera control port for DSLRs, RED Epic, and more
  • Infinite Track System for long dolly moves
  • Powerful feature expansion utility.